It looks like a perfect friendship. But below the surface there are great tensions between three girlfriends, who are training for the championship synchronized swimming.
Under the skin tells the story of Keesje, an introvert 15-year old. She and her friends, Lize and Dunja, swim together in a synchronized swimming team. From the outside it all looks like the perfect friendship, but behind the surface hide continuous tensions between the girls. Keesje is constantly afraid of being rejected and longs to maintain her position in the group. 
While the team is training for the National Synchronized Swimming Competition, Keesje tries to hold her own within her group of friends. She allows herself to be dragged into the vicious behavior of Lize and Dunja, but is gradually becoming alienated from herself. While Lize and Dunja are good with words, Keesje’s strength is in her physical. While the pressure for the match increases, Keesje loses sight of who she is. She constantly fears she will lose out. Although she tries to suppress her frustrations, an outburst is the inevitable consequence.
International premiere: Berlinale Generation Kplus, 2020
Festival selections
•Dutch Filmfestival 2019, student competition, Holland
•Berlinale 2020, Generation Kplus, Germany
Zlin film festival, Zlin Dog Student Competition, September 2020 (postponed)
Brussels short film Festival, next generation, 2020 (postponed)
Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival 2020, Future Teens Competition, Germany (postponed)
Omladisnki Film Festival 2020, Wolf Competition, Sarajevo, Bosnië & Herzegovina.
Ficbueu international short film festival 2020, International Schools of Cinema Section, Spain.
DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival 2020, international competition, Ukraine.
Festival du Film Jeune de Lyon 2020, international short film competition, France.
Kaohsiung International Short Film Festival 2020, international short film competition, Taiwan.
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2020, international short film competition, VS.
Winterthur International Short Film Festival 2020, SPARKS competition, Zwitserland.
•Wildcard best student film €50.000, Dutch filmfestival, 2019 Holland
Best Dutch Short Live-Action Film, Cinekid Filmfestival 2020, Holland.

For Festival Distribution
Kapitein Kort - Hidde de Vries

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